This page provides information on SWWCOG meeting agendas and minutes, current and upcoming training programs, and other events associated with SWWCOG's mission.

Beginning September 2006, SWWCOG has been engaged in a major regional planning program utilizing a grant from the Land Information Access Association (LIAA). To learn more about this program and view relevant documents, go the LIAA Grant Page. As of September 2007, the LIAA Grant Project was completed, and has been superseded by the formation of the Manchester Community Joint Planning Commission.

A major fund-raising and social activity in the SWWCOG regional area is the Manchester Chicken Broil, held every third Thursday in July. The Manchester Chicken Broil now has a web page hosted by the SWWCOG web site. Please check it out for details, maps and photographs of this fun-filled afternoon!

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The monthly agendas and minutes of the SWWCOG are available on this web site. For the current year's minutes and agendas, see the tool bar on the right side of this page. For prior years' agendas and minutes, see the appropriate links below.

2011 Agendas and Minutes

2010 Agendas and Minutes

2009 Agendas and Minutes

2008 Agendas and Minutes

2007 Agendas and Minutes

2006 Agendas and Minutes

2005 Agendas and Minutes

2004 Agendas and Minutes

Springtime blooms in Manchester Village.


 Many quiet country roads exist in our area.

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