Draft Conceptual Road Right-of-Way Maps Released

Washtenaw County is seeking to update the county’s Right of Way Master Plan and map, which are used to indicate existing/desired road right-of-way widths, classifications of roads, and future road needs. The current approved map is dated 1973. The County has been working with several of the county’s municipal entities, including SWWCOG and its members, to solicit input from the Planning Commissions and Boards. The intent in our area is to maintain rural character while achieving an efficient transportation system.

Draft conceptual ROW maps have been issued for the four townships and the village. Public meetings for further comments and input are planned by the County prior to final publication. These maps may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link below. All maps are in jpeg format, and are each about 400k in size.

Bridgewater Township ROW Map

Freedom Township ROW Map

Manchester Township ROW Map

Manchester Village ROW Map

Sharon Township ROW Map

This effort is being led by Brian Shorkey, Transportation Planner, Washtenaw County Road Commission. Comments and questions may be directed to him at 734-827-9531 or shorkeyb@wcroads.org. Jeff Wallace (jwallace@vil-manchester.org) and Ken Rogge have been representing SWWCOG during the planning and input stages.