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Welcome to the web page for the Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments (SWWCOG), part of the governance of Washtenaw County, Michigan. The Council was formed to engage in and promote joint planning and sharing of resources for matters affecting the life, growth and business of its participating members. The SWWCOG meets every second Wednesday at 7:30 PM, with location rotating among the various members. Members include Freedom, Bridgewater, Manchester and Sharon Townships, the Village of Manchester, and Manchester Community Schools.

The host communities are currently on-line at the following websites:

Freedom Township - (www.twp-freedom.org)

Bridgewater Township - (www.twp-bridgewater.org)

Manchester Township - (www.twp-manchester.org)

Sharon Township - (www.twp-sharon.org)

Village of Manchester - (www.vil-manchester.org)

Manchester Community Schools - (www.mcs.k12.mi.us)


The current officers for SWWCOG are shown below:

Left to Right:  Karl Racenis, Village of Manchester, Recording Secretary; Pat Vailliencourt, Village of Manchester, Vice-Chair, Ron Mann, Manchester Township, Chair.

SWWCOG Mission

The mission of the Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments is to coordinate planning, land use, transportation networks and joint services.

SWWCOG Membership

Permanent Membership of the Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments consists of five units of general government - the Townships of Bridgewater, Freedom, Manchester and Sharon and the Village of Manchester- and the Manchester Community Schools.

Other public and private entities will be invited to participate in regular meetings and special initiatives in accord with their respective interests and SWWCOG organizational needs.

SWWCOG Representation

Each Permanent Member organization shall have two representatives. Each representative may have a designated alternate to act in their absence. Additional representation from member units may be identified for special projects. SWWCOG may also invite participation from non-member organizations for any activities.


Each representative shall have one vote.

Organizational matters shall be decided by a majority vote.

Policy matters, such as recommendations to constituent organizations, shall be decided by at least a two-thirds majority.

Actions by SWWCOG are non-binding recommendations and are purely advisory.

SWWCOG Organization Date

The Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments will be formally created when at least three of its “permanent members” have expressed their intent to participate by resolution adopted at a regular meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose. (Three members had approved and the organization was formed in June of 1998.)

This statement was adopted March 12, 1998, reaccepted in June 1998, and amended in December 2000.

          Downtown Manchester

Community Profiles

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) has collected statistical data on various governmental units, and has developed "community profiles" for each.  Each profile displays current and future estimates of population, census data from 2000 and 1990, vital statistics, residential development, employment forecasts, and current land use.

Median household income, median housing value and median rent are based on Census Bureau geography. In addition, due to differences between SEMCOG geography and Census Bureau geography for some communities, household totals for 2000 Census and 2000 forecast data will differ. Where this is the case, it is noted. For more information on SEMCOG, view their web site at www.semcog.org.

Community profiles are available for SWWCOG members by clicking the appropriate link below.

Bridgewater Township

Freedom Township

Manchester Township

Village of Manchester

Sharon Township

Western Washtenaw Construction Authority (WWCA)

The Western Washtenaw Construction Authority (WWCA), often referred to as the “Building Authority”, is a regional body whose members include Freedom, Bridgewater and Manchester Townships, and the Village of Manchester. The WWCA acts as the permitting and enforcing agency for building activities and soil erosion/sedimentation control for these governments. It is responsible for building and trade permits, and corresponding inspections.

The WWCA is located at 912 City Road, P. O. Box 556, Manchester, Michigan 48158 (office is in the lower level of the Manchester Village offices). Contact Dale Behnke at the WWCA for any questions regarding applications, permits and inspections. The phone number is 734-428-7001. The fax number is 734-428-1849. Office hours for the WWCA are 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Office is closed Tuesday and Thursday. Dale Behnke is generally in the office from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM, and then leaves for appointments.

The forms, applications and guideline documents associated with the Western Washtenaw Construction Authority are now available on-line, currently connected to the Freedom Township web page, or directly through this link to the WWCA Page

Manchester Downtown Development Authority

The Manchester Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is structured to improve the vitality, appearance and livelihood of the village downtown area. Please visit their web site for more information.

Contact Information

For information concerning SWWCOG activities, please contact the SWWCOG Chair, Ron Mann, at mtwp_supervisor@sbcglobal.net, or at the Manchester Township Offices at 734-428-7090.

For information, comments or suggestions concerning this web page, e-mail Ray Berg at rayberg@att.net.

The SWWCOG regional area has many historic farms.

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