SWWCOG Sets 2014 Meeting Dates and Locations
SWWCOG has announced the meeting dates and locations for its 2014 meetings. All meetings begin at 7:30 PM. Click here for the schedule. [more]

SWWCOG Posts Discussion Documents
SWWCOG has posted the following documents related to ongoing discussions concerning SWWCOG. 1998 Purpose Document Joint Training [more]

Data from Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office - August 2011
The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office has provided statistical data on police activities for use by SWWCOG. Please click here for viewing or downloading this report. NOTE: An updated version of this data was provided September 8, and can be viewed or [more]

AATA Issues Draft Visioning Report as Part of 30-Year Plan
The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority has issued the first report concerning its 30-year Washtenaw County Transit Master Plan, entitled “Shared Community Visioning Report - Draft Report”, dated October 7, 2010. The complete report may be viewed and downloaded [more]

SWWCOG Contemplates Revisions to 2004 Hazard Mitigation Plan
The SWWCOG is contemplating an update to the October 2004 Hazard Mitigation Plan. The 2004 version may be viewed and downloaded by clicking here. [more]

Draft Conceptual Road Right-of-Way Maps Released
Washtenaw County is seeking to update the county’s Right of Way Master Plan and map, which are used to indicate existing/desired road right-of-way widths, classifications of roads, and future road needs. The current approved map is dated 1973. The County [more]

Welcome to the SWWCOG Web Page
Welcome to the first edition of the web page for the Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments (SWWCOG), part of the governance of Washtenaw County, Michigan. The Council was formed to engage in and promote joint planning and sharing of resources for [more]

Southwest Washtenaw
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